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Etowah Utilities Electric Department


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Our  Mission  at the Etowah Utilities Electric Department is to provide the best quality power and the best customer service while keeping the price low and service interruptions to a minimum. Etowah Utilities has been and continues to be proactive in planning system improvements, implementing new customer service programs and collaborating with TVA to keep pace with an ever-changing and challenging environment.


The operation of a power system is a twenty-four hour, 365 day a year job. We strive to keep your power outages and their duration to a minimum, oftentimes in the worst of conditions. Should your outage last longer than hoped for, be assured that your friends and neighbors at The Etowah Utilities Electric Department will be working hard to restore your power.




Power Outages


The electrical service is extremely reliable.  Power outages don't happen often and usually don't last long.  There are several reasons for the occasional power failure.  It can be something as minor as lightening striking lines, a tree falling across wires, or a car crashing into a pole.  But sometimes the problem is more severe, causing widespread power outages that can last from hours to days.  The outage can be caused by severe thunderstorm or tornadoes that snap power poles and tangle lines.


What to Do:


Don't panic.  More than likely it will only be for a short period of time.


Plan ahead and have blankets and flashlights ready.


Check to see if your neighbors lights or street lights are out also, if not the problem may be confined to just your home.


Check your fuses and circuit breakers.  If they are on and ok call the electric company and tell them your address and how long the power has been off.


Open the freezer and refrigerator door as little as possible.  They will stay cold longer if they are not opened.