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Etowah Utilities is an Equal Opportunity Employer

 Etowah Utilities is a Drug-Free Workplace Pre-employment drug testing is required and is subject to random drug testing





Job Description



 Under the direction of a Foreman or designated supervisor, assist in the construction, maintenance, and operation of the EU overhead and underground electrical system by constructing, installing, repairing, replacing, inspecting, or removing equipment and material required for the transmission and distribution of electric power.


 Minimum of High School graduate or equivalent.


1. Must be capable of climbing poles or towers using climbing gear, steps, or ladders and must be able to climb into truck-mounted aerial lift devices and onto line trucks in order to access operating controls.

2. Must be able to lift and carry a weight of 100 pounds a distance of 125 feet across an unpaved surface of earth and vegetation.

3. Must be capable of working outdoors in all weather conditions, including periods of temperature extremes occurring in the EU service area and during periods of poor air quality resulting from pollen or dust contamination.


1. Completion of an approved Lineworker Apprentice course combining classroom work with on-the-job training.

2. Must possess at the time of employment a Commercial Drivers License (minimum of a Class B).  Maintaining a valid CDL is a continuing condition of employment for this job classification.

3. Must be able to obtain at a time designated by EU, a valid Red Cross or equivalent certification of proficiency in adult CPR, first aid, and utilization of an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED).


1. Comply with applicable safety rules and requirements.  Be familiar with the APPA Safety Manual for an electric utility and the National Electrical Safety Code.

2. Must be able to function as a member of a work unit, maintaining an effective and cordial relationship with all other employees.

3. Possess complete fluency in both oral and written English.

4. Must be capable of working outside of normal work hours when necessary.

5. Operate any EU-owned or controlled aerial device or digger-derrick unit in a safe manner in compliance with the manufacturer’s information.

6. Operate two-way radio or EU-issued cell phone, speaking in a clear and understandable voice.

7. Must be completely familiar with the assembly and usage of electric plant equipment and material.

8. Must be able to properly operate and employ all hot-line tools and equipment, including protective and safety equipment.

9. Must be able to use hand tools, small power tools, and specialized electrical construction tools as needed.

10. Must be able to work comfortably at elevated levels, whether on poles, towers, or in aerial devices.

11. Must be familiar with EU construction specifications.

12. Must be able to read and interpret working drawings and construction plans.

13. Must be able to determine the cause of electrical faults and devise a safe and efficient remedy.

14. Must be able to receive and understand oral, written, and visual direction and instructions.

15. Must be able to work without direct supervision.

16. Function as a groundman or operator when directed by foreman or supervisor.

17. Function as supervisor of a work unit when directed by foreman or supervisor.

18. Be able to plan work procedures in a safe and efficient manner.

19. Assist other members of the work unit in any manner to enhance the safety and performance of the work assigned.

20. Must be able to perform accurately basic mathematics (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division).

21. Must have knowledge of basic electricity.

22. Must be able to communicate effectively and amicably with EU customers.

23. Actively participate in the training of apprentice linemen assigned to his work unit.

24. Must be “on-call” after regular work hours, weekends, and holidays on a rotational basis as scheduled.

25. Perform any other duties as assigned.  Such duties may not necessarily be limited to the Electric Department.


 As stated on the current EU pay matrix.


 This job description gives the applicant a reasonable expectation of the requirements and responsibilities of this position.  It in no way infers that the person will be limited only to the requirements stated.  Anything deemed necessary by management will become an integral part of this job.