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Etowah Utilities is located in  Etowah ,  Tennessee and is owned by the City of Etowah.  As a "Public Utility" we answer only to the people we serve. Decisions are not influenced by the effects on our stock prices, but are based on what is best for our customers. We do not pay dividends to stockholders, instead we provide lower prices to our customers. Every person associated with Etowah Utilities is a local resident, including our Board Members. Decisions are not made by some distant corporate board but are made here with only the best interest of your local community at heart. Our employees are your neighbors, your Sunday School teachers, your little league coaches, your community supporters and civic organization’s participants. As a good corporate neighbor Etowah Utilities actively participates in local activities and supports local sports and civic groups.


As Etowah has grown from railroad town Etowah Utilities has been there every step of the way. Etowah has never had to restrict development and progress for its citizens or its industry due to a lack of adequate utility services. Operating with efficient, cost effective, business-like operations, free from profit motive influences, has resulted in rates that are comparable throughout the surrounding area. This encourages growth and leaves more discretionary spending dollars in the local economy.


We provide electricity that is purchased from the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) and distribute it throughout McMinn,  Monroe and Polk  Counties.


Natural Gas is purchased in the  Gulf of Mexico and is transported by pipeline for distribution by Etowah Utilities. We distribute natural gas to McMinn and  Polk  Counties  and to other Distributors.


The Water comes from the  Hiwassee  River  . This water is purified in accordance with rules and regulations of the Tennessee Department of Conservation (TDEC) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The water quality is closely monitored by our on-site operators.


Since 1939

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