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Electric Line Construction Fees



Underground Service


$200.00 per underground service up to 150 feet.  Customer must open

ditch and supply conduit


Underground Primary


$5.15 per foot and $425.00 per transformer/pull box (500' max'

between boxes)  100% cost to customer


Overhead Service

No cost for overhead service from transformer to house


Overhead Primary


Overhead single phase primary construction is $3.60 per foot.

Add $2.00 per foot for each additional phase


Mobile homes pay 100% of cost for line extension


Customer is responsible for opening right-of-way and must sign easement


Easement distances: 40ft single phase, 50ft V phase, 60ft 3 phase


Water Tapping Fee Options



 Pay in Full

 5/8" or 3/4" Tap $750.00

 1"" Tap $1000.00

 1 1/2"" Tap $1500.00

 2" Tap $2500.00




Sewer Tapping Fee Options


 Pay in Full

 Up to 6"





Residential Sprinkler Water Tap



Inside City




Water/Wastewater main extensions and Commercial Fire Supression Taps are priced based on project.



Gas Service Line Costs



$2.00 per foot for the 1st 300 feet


$1.00 per foot for all over 300 feet


$20.00 Meter Set Charge



$50.00 Manditory Excess Flow Valve


Gas main extensions are priced based on project.