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Etowah, TN 37331


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Etowah Utilities Water/Wastewater Department


"Your quality water source"


  The mission of the Etowah Utilities Water/Wastewater Department is to produce and distribute potable water for domestic and commercial use and to collect, treat, and dispose of domestic and commercial wastewater. These services provide value to the greater Etowah community by promoting economic prosperity, preserving public health and safety, and ensuring a viable future through responsible utilization of natural resources. The Etowah Utilities Water Department pumps water from the  Hiwassee  River and serves the citizens of Etowah and parts of McMinn and Polk  Counties .


  The Etowah Utilities Wastewater Department serves the citizens of Etowah and parts of McMinn County.  Our Wastewater Treatment Plant treats the wastewater to be in compliance with all permits and meets all Federal and State standards.